The J.J. Nassau Service Award Previous Page Return to Awards Page Dr. George W. Collins II       §        Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University College of Mathematical & Physical Sciences and           Department of Astronomy.     §        Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Astronomy.     §        Authored the following:                                      §        “The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics”                              §          “The Viral Theorem in Stellar Astrophysics”                              §          “Fundamental of Numerical Methods and Data Analysis” . Quote from Eugene Reiss – Past President “Dr. Collins has been a prominent Astronomy Professor at both    Ohio State University and Case      Western Reserve University.      He has been an annual lecturer at our meeting for at least ten years.    Further, as a regular attendee of our meetings he has on several occasions graciously filled in when the    scheduled astronomer was unable to appear for one reason or another. These substitute presentations   were always of top quality    despite the short notice he would be given. In addition, he has been on our board of directors these past ten   years or more. At our meetings, he always contributed sage suggestions to guide the path the Society has   followed the past decade. And this past decade has been a very successful one for the Society in great part   due to the many contributions of Dr. Collins.” Presented to Dr. George Collins on November 1, 2007, for his many years of intellectual  encouragement, inspiration, and outstanding lectures. “There be dragons.”