The Cleveland Astronomical Society Program Calendar 2016 - 2017 September 1                            October 6                                     November 3 December 1                                  January 5                                    February 2 March 2                                      April 6                                          May 4 DETAILS  DETAILS DETAILS   DETAILS to Come   DETAILS  DETAILS DETAILS to Come   DETAILS Dr. Karen Bjorkman Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Toledo “Astronomy at 17,500 mph: Observing from the Space Shuttle with the Astro Obsevatory. Dr. Geoff Landis NASA Researcher “Asteroids: Past, Present and Future” Dr. Arthur B. Kosowsky University of Pittsburgh “Gravitional Waves: What’s Next?” Dr. Donald Terndrup Ohio State University “Astronomy in the Era of Giant Surveys.” Dr. Earle Luck Case Western Reserve University “Galaxies.” Dr. Marc Pinsonneault Ohio State University Department of Astronomy “The NASA Kepler Mission.” Tom Benson "Space Capsules:  Past, Present, and Future."  His talk will start with the Gemini program and move forward. Dr. Daniel Homan Dennison University “Black Holes’ Faster-Than-Light Jets and Active Galaxies.” Dr. Daniel A. Fleisch.  Professor of Physics, Wittenberg University "The Sun."  DETAILS