Cleveland Astronomical Society History - Celebrating Our 91st Year The J.J. Nassau Service Award - Click Photo for Details                      Presidents of the Cleveland Astronomical Society 1922-1963 - Dr. Jason J. Nassau                     1991-1994 - Dr. Jean Bishop 1963-1967 - Dr. A Lecher Jones                       1994-1998 - Joseph DeRocher 1967-1969 - Dan Snow                                     1998-2004 - Eugene Reiss 1969-1971 - Dr. Joseph Dolan                           2004-          Robert M. Sledz 1971-1973 - Arthur Stokes 1973-1976 - Dr. William Bidelman 1976-1984 - Dr. Peter Pesch 1984-1988 - Dr. Nicholas Sanduleak 1988-1991 - William Shore ORIGIN: 1922 The origin of the Cleveland Astronomical Society can be traced back to February 1922 when Dr. Jason J. Nassau, Mr. Albert F. Schroeder and Mr. Curt B. Mueller conceived and discussed the idea of forming a club among those citizens of Cleveland and vicinity who were interested in astronomy. Notices published in the Cleveland newspapers and privately communicated to those interested in astronomy resulted in about thirty people attending a preliminary meeting on March 13, 1922 at the Universsity Club (3813 Euclid Avenue). The Cleveland Astronomical Society was actually organized at a subsequent meeting held April 10, 1922 when officers were elected and a constitution  was adopted.  The first officers were:  President, Professor J. J. Nassau  Vice President, Mrs. Curt B. Muller  Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Albert F. Schroeder  Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Raymond A. Gordon.  Next page page 1