Cleveland Astronomical Society History - Celebrating Our 91st Year From 1924 until 1959 he was also the director of the CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a pioneer in the study of galactic structure. He also discovered a new star cluster, co-discovered 2 novae in 1961, and developed a technique of studying the distribution of red (M-class or cooler) stars. J. J. Nassau along with a prestigious group of Clevelanders  formed the Cleveland Astronomical Society in 1922. He remained as President for 41 years, until 1963. Honors: The Nassau Astronomical Station at the Warner and Swasey Observatory is named for him. Nassau crater on the Moon is named for him. Asteroid 9240 Nassau is named for him. It was discovered May 31, 1997 J. J. Nassau Service Award of the Cleveland Astronomical Society was established November 1, 2007. page 3 Previous page